5 Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Bathroom Remodeling Mistake

Home remodeling and renovations can cause some seriously stressful situations. When you finally decide to tackle a remodel project, it is likely that you have not looked far enough down the line to consider all the possible issues that can come up, particularly if you are an inexperienced renovator. Without proper knowledge of the “ground up” methods that go into renovating, the potential for mistakes is great. One area of the house that has the highest risk of problems during renovation is the bathroom. Bathrooms pose unique issues during remodeling projects because of the complex components—electrical, plumbing, small spaces, etc. are all issues that must be worked through effectively in order to pull of a fabulous remodel. Before you approach such a huge project, it is important to know what you’re getting yourself into. There are common bathroom remodeling mistakes that homeowners frequently make, and it is best that you understand how you can avoid them.


Firstly, when you take on a remodel project, it is critical to have a firm budget in place. When homeowners lack the knowledge of the what the project will fully entail, the risk of overspending is heightened. In fact, if you set your budget without knowing the actual cost of materials and labor, then you will likely be sorely disappointed when the final tally is made. Before you set a budget, you can consult with professionals about the cost of materials, and in some cases, it is smart to buy all of your materials ahead of time so that you have room for other expenditures that can come up during the remodel process. Overspending is a common remodeling mistake because people do not account for all of the minute expenses that pop up and accumulate. Consulting with professionals can help give you a more informed picture of what the likely final budget will look like.

Forgetting to include ventilation

Another common bathroom remodeling mistake is forgetting to include ventilation. In small, moist spaces such as the bathroom, there are higher chances for water damage and condensation buildup. The worst outcome possible is that mold begins to accumulate due to a lack of ventilation solutions. Adding a window or an air vent to a bathroom during a remodel is crucial because water and condensation can completely destroy all the hard work that you put into the project in the first place. Beyond adding a vent or a window to help circulate air through the space, you can take other precautions to further protect your investment.

Using regular paint & inadequate waterproofing

In bathrooms, it is a common mistake to use regular paint and to not waterproof adequately. By using pain that repels moisture, such as oil-based or moisture-resistant paints, you can greatly eliminate the chances for mold buildup. Properly waterproofing is another area that homeowners often forget about, or attempt to do it on their own, inadequately. If you are not confident of your ability to properly waterproof the area, then you should enlist the help of professionals. This is not something that you want to take lightly, especially considering that the consequences could cost you a lot of money in damages and repair work.

Bathroom Remodeling Project

Final words

Another thing to consider when remodeling your bathroom is the design choices. If you are remodeling your bathroom to specifically cater to your needs, then you should be sure to firs think about whether or not your design choices will stand the test of time, and remain valuable to your overall investment in your home. When you add expensive fixtures that are only relevant in today’s society, you ignore the possibility that those fixtures will lose significance in future generations to come. Every decision you make in your remodel project should be considering the potential future sale of your home to strangers, who likely do not share the same aesthetic that you do. A balance in design and function through aesthetic and storage solutions in small spaces like bathrooms are huge considerations for homebuyers—you want to be sure to choose neutral options in fixtures and design details, and make sure to address bigger issues like functionality and storage in your choices. By constantly thinking about the future and the consequences of each decision you make in your remodel project, the more you can avoid the common mistakes that home renovators deal with.

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