5 Things You Should Never Do to Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor

Owning a house comes with many considerations and challenges, particularly if you put a lot of time and effort into maintaining your home already. Despite our best efforts, sometimes we inevitably damage parts of our home without realizing the ramifications of the methods in which we attempt to maintain the most valuable attributes. Hardwood flooring is a commodity to many; it is both costly and beautiful, making it a luxury. Properly caring for hardwood flooring is important for the longevity of the wood, and some typical methods of cleaning are particularly damaging to the wood. Here are 5 things that you should never do to your hardwood floor.

Don’t use wrong cleaning product

Firstly, you may already be using the wrong products to clean your floors with. Harsh chemicals can damage Wood fairly easy; they can dry out the wood over time, causing it to split or crack. Wood floors are highly sought after because they glow and shine with a beautiful finish; another side effect of chemicals on wood flooring is that it corrodes the finish, making the wood dull in appearance overall. It is important to find a cleaning product that is recommended by an flooring expert who can assess your flooring type and finish.

Don’t walk over it with dirty shoes

Secondly, it is crucial to protect your hardwood from the intrusions of foot traffic. Walking throughout a home with shoes that have been worn outdoors is damaging to hardwood flooring; fine particles of dirt and debris are ground into the wood, causing gouges and scratches. To protect the floor from outside debris, it is best to strategically place area rugs or “traffic” rugs in order to lessen the amount of outside junk your feet track onto your flooring. Rugs are best placed at entryways or in areas of high traffic throughout the home, such as in front of the kitchen sink.

Don’t use rug grip that are sticky

Third, using rugs to protect flooring is important; however, what we sometimes use to hold a rug in place is also highly abrasive to hardwood flooring. Using rug grip that is sticky or adhesive whatsoever is not a good idea; if you take it off the flooring, it may significantly damage the wood. It is best to look for a rug pad that is made without adhesives.

Don’t spill so often on the floor

Fourth, and possibly the most deadly: water. Small spills every so often that are cleaned up immediately pose little threat to your hardwood. However, in areas that are moist, humid, or are subjected to splashes of water regularly, such as the bathroom or kitchen, it is best to strategically place rugs where the most water tends to accumulate. Too much water in one area can cause warping and water damage, causing you to replace a majority of the wood over time.

Don’t use furniture that can cause scratch

Lastly, it is critical to protect your hardwood flooring from scratches as best you can. Utilizing furniture pads or cushions (without adhesive) that create a barrier between the legs and the floor is essential. Particularly pieces of furniture that tend to be moved or sat on often, such as chairs and couches, should be held in place with furniture grip. Be sure to consult with a professional to find the right products for your specific flooring.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning


It isn’t easy owning a home; there are a lot of aspects to consider, projects to prioritize, and money to gather. However, it is important to always remember that a house is an investment—one that must be cared for and kept up, particularly if you wish to sell it in the future. Flooring is especially important for homebuyers when considering properties, and hardwood floors remain a timeless choice. In fact, hardwood flooring is one of the main selling points for many prospectors. Therefore, it is in a homeowner’s benefit to protect their flooring from wear and maintain its beauty; wood is a reminder of the Earth, and it should be cherished. Enjoy your wood flooring by keeping it looking its best at all times. In looking for the right cleaning products, furniture or rug pads, or maintenance advice, don’t hesitate to seek help from a professional. Flooring experts can help you figure out the best method and product for your particular flooring and finish.

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