A Brief Guide To Different Flooring Option Before Choosing The Right One

Polishing Wood Surface

Remodeling your home can be an extremely exciting time as it’s a chance to help your home reflect you even more than it may already. It’s an opportunity to put your personal style and influence permanently into your home. One of the most important things to consider is the type of flooring that you want for your home. The floor can make huge differences in the comfort of your home and even in the value should you decide to sell it and move to somewhere else.

Before beginning any type of remodel, make sure to consider your flooring options and choose wisely with the entire home in mind. These are a few of the most popular options for your flooring and the pros and cons of each to help you find the perfect floor for your home.


Pros: Carpet is the most common flooring type in homes and for a wide variety of reasons. The biggest reason is that for families with small children, carpet is much softer than any other flooring option. It’s also one of the cheapest options and will help your home insulate heat in the winter times.

Cons: It’s an extremely easy surface to stain, which makes it hard and costly to constantly clean and keep maintained. This can be especially true if you own any pets that can easily tear it up.


Pros: Tile is an extremely durable surface, more so than any other flooring option. Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, its versatility can fit just about any home’s needs. It’s also much easier to replace just one if it’s cracked or damaged since tile is purchased in squares. Because it can also be easily cleaned and polished, tile flooring is an extremely enticing option for homeowners.

Cons: Installation can be expensive if you go to professionals and a hassle if you attempt to do it at home yourself. A bad grout job or a misplaced tile can be an unsightly eyesore that sticks out for all to see. Homeowners are also put off by it because the grout is hard to clean and tends to be prone to stains. It’s also an extremely hard surface and anything fragile that is dropped will likely break.

Tile Flooring


Pros: Laminate is an extremely popular flooring option right now due to a wide variety of design choices along with having a much easier price point then most of the rest. Because laminate flooring is purchased in sheets, it’s usually cheaper and with the printing process it goes though, it can replicate the look of just about any surface like stone or hardwood. In terms of installation it is the easiest option because the pieces essentially snap and click in place.

Cons: The biggest reason to avoid laminate is that when it begins to wear out, it can’t be refinished and has to be completely replaced. Laminate is also unable to be sanded and if it is damaged you must replace all of it. The slick surface also makes it less than ideal for families with small children or pets as a lot of sliding can occur.


Pros: Hardwood is the most durable and long-lasting surface you can choose for your home. It can easily be sanded and refinished whenever it starts to wear giving it a look as good as new. Hardwood flooring carries with it a certain reputation and oftentimes gives homes a natural appearance. It’s also extremely easy to clean and keep clean and stain free.

Cons: It’s by far the hardest installation process to undertake and the cost of materials is the most expensive as well. The inability to retain any heat around winter will keep the temperature of your home cold as well and if you own pets, the surface can be quite noisy with their nails.


Finding the right flooring for your home takes time, there are numerous factors to consider and with so many options that fit just about any design or color choice, it’s important to make sure that you consider what fits your family’s needs best. Also take into consideration your budget for the remodel, if there’s more than just the flooring on your wish list, you can at least breathe easier knowing there are plenty of low cost options as well. Knowing your choices will help you get the floor of your dreams even faster.

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