Advantages of Using Tile for Patio Flooring

Tiled Floor in Patio Area

Outdoor spaces, including patio spaces, can be confusing areas to remodel. There are a lot of gray areas in terms of what materials are okay to use outdoors. But the same criteria for indoor spaces applies—choose materials that will be reliable and look great for years to come. Having a professional flooring expert to help you with tough flooring decisions is critical to the outcome of your remodeling project. Not all flooring works for outdoor spaces, and it’s important to have the right type of flooring that fits your needs, lifestyle, and aesthetic, while remaining durable and within your budget. Tile flooring is an excellent option for outdoor patio areas for many reasons, but particularly when you’re trying to stay in a certain budget. When you consult with a flooring professional, be sure to look for a flooring provider who has plenty of options to choose from that are at a lower cost. If you’re considering using tile flooring for your patio area, here are some of the advantages of this material and where you can find options near you.

Easy to clean

Tile flooring is known for being one of the easiest types of flooring to clean and maintain. Many other flooring materials that are common for outdoor patio areas, such as wood, can warp and become significantly damaged by the outdoor elements over time—even over short periods of time without the proper preventive measures taken. Tile flooring can be hosed off without causing water damage, can be polished, or can get a little dirty and still maintain its aesthetic charm and character.

Easy to replace

Tile can of course become damaged or broken, but rarely does mass damage occur to tile flooring. Tile is easy to replace in specific, localized areas without intruding on the entirety of the flooring, whereas other materials are generally costly to fix and replace. For instance, replacing a single broken floor tile is a relatively simple process; whereas replacing portions of wood flooring takes a high level of skill, which winds up costing more money in the end.

Low-cost versus wood and other flooring

One of the biggest appeals of tile flooring is the price point—it is a generally budget-friendly material. Choosing the right tile for your outdoor patio space doesn’t have to be impossibly difficult or highly preparatory; you can usually find the right floor tile that will withstand harsh weather fairly easily. Wood, on the other hand comes with a laundry list of concerns—you have to worry about the wood rotting, expanding, and contracting, and damages can occur quickly and easily with just a little rain.

Wide variety of options

Another huge advantage of tile flooring is the huge variation in colors and textures available. Tile can be made up of a wide range of materials such as stone or ceramic. Choosing the right tile for your patio might be a little more challenging than you think, only because the options are endless. There isn’t one single tile that is right for the outdoors, which means there’s plenty of opportunity for design and creativity in your flooring choice.

Outdoor elegance and ambiance

Outdoor Patio Area Using tile flooring for a patio isn’t necessarily something most people think to do, but it’s hugely advantageous for creating ambiance and elegance. Due to the many variations available, you can pick a tile flooring that works with the design and aesthetic of your home, creating a warm outdoor space that feels like a homey and comfortable, yet decorative, extension of your interior.

The professionals here at Hardwooderia have been helping clients in the cities of Simi Valley, Moorpark, and Chatsworth, CA, choose the right tile flooring for them since 1993—that’s over 20 years! In our business, we focus our attention on each and every customer’s total satisfaction with the flooring portion of their remodeling from start to finish. We cater to our clients—we even offer same-day delivery, warehouse prices, and free in-home estimates and appointments. We are known for having the largest flooring selection in the area, and our tile flooring options make up a huge portion of our materials. To schedule an appointment or to get more information about our tile flooring selection and prices, contact one of our flooring experts directly. We look forward to helping make your outdoor patio space a beautiful retreat for you and your family.

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