Laminate Floor Selection

Things to Consider While Choosing Laminate Floor

When choosing a new type of flooring to install in your home, there are many things to consider first. Not all flooring is created equally, and therefore not every flooring option will suit your individual needs and specific style. New flooring can greatly improve the value of a home, and affect the overall ambiance. It…

Hardwood Floor Installation

Why Hardwood Floor Installation Cost Varies

Home remodeling takes a lot of time and energy, and flooring is one of the most important factors of remodeling success. Unfortunately flooring can get pretty pricey, and depending on who you ask, the costs are always different. Of course, there are many factors that contribute to how flooring installation is priced. But before you…

Stone Flooring Options

Benefits of Natural Stone Flooring

Deciding to re-do the flooring in your home can be a huge headache. There are so many decisions to make when it comes to flooring options that you may wind up just accepting the outdated floor you already have. The wide array of flooring options may feel overwhelming, but it is important to view your…

Slippery Bathroom

How Can You Make Your Bathroom Floor Non-Slippery

You finally updated your bathroom with a flooring you love, but now you’re concerned that it’s too slippery. You have every right to be concerned; many household slips, falls, and accidents occur in bathrooms. Although ceramic and tile are some of the most popular flooring options for bathrooms, they can also be the most hazardous.…

Vinyl Floor

How to Maintain Your Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has become more popular in recent years, especially since the latest real estate market boom. Vinyl flooring is a great, cost-effective way to enhance a space without sacrificing durability and aesthetic. Vinyl comes in many different colors, patterns, and textures, making it easy for home renovators to find an affordable solution to flooring…

Pet Dog Lying on Hardwood Floor

What is the Best Pet-Friendly Flooring Type?

Owning both pets and a home can be a difficult dichotomy to reconcile; although we all love our pets, we don’t love the accidents they have in the house or their sharp nails—both of which tend to destroy the most important element of a home: our floors. Finding flooring that fits your needs and will…

Hardwood Floor

5 Things You Should Never Do to Your Hardwood Floor

Owning a house comes with many considerations and challenges, particularly if you put a lot of time and effort into maintaining your home already. Despite our best efforts, sometimes we inevitably damage parts of our home without realizing the ramifications of the methods in which we attempt to maintain the most valuable attributes. Hardwood flooring…

Bathroom Remodeling Mistake

5 Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Home remodeling and renovations can cause some seriously stressful situations. When you finally decide to tackle a remodel project, it is likely that you have not looked far enough down the line to consider all the possible issues that can come up, particularly if you are an inexperienced renovator. Without proper knowledge of the “ground…

Old Stone Floor

Myths About Natural Stone Flooring You Should Ignore

Owning a home or business comes with many challenges, but it also comes with the obligation and duty to maintain your investment. Part of maintaining your investment means making changes to the design and aesthetic of the structure that you live in, or do business in. One way to take the look of your home…

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Products

Maintenance Tips for Your Hardwood Flooring

Having hardwood flooring in a home is a beautiful compliment to any architectural design; it enhances an existing floor plan and brings charm to a house, giving it character and ambiance. Hardwood flooring is a great way to liven a home; it is an investment that will last for many years to come, keeping your…