Home Depot Carpet

Carpet Flooring: A Good Option for Your Home

Like all flooring options, there are benefits and downsides. Depending on your home and lifestyle, carpet flooring may be a great option. It is in your best interest to look into all the different types of carpeting on the market, and take into consideration color, fiber type, and budget when choosing carpeting. Having a warrantee…

Cracked Hardwood Flooring

My hardwood flooring is cracking! How do I fix it?

If you own a house with hardwood flooring or are debating installing hardwood flooring, it’s extremely important to know how to care for your floors. This includes just taking care of them year round and also knowing when and what to look for or be aware of in terms of any cracking or gaps that…

Installation of Vinyl Flooring

A Comparison Between Vinyl Flooring and Tile Flooring

Whether you’re remodeling your current home or looking to build a new house, considering what to choose for your flooring can be instrumental in how the rest of your house will look. There are many different options for many different price ranges and if you have expensive taste but don’t quite have the funds to…

Carpet Installation

How to Determine the Type of Carpeting that Suits My Home

While you may think that carpet is carpet, there are actually wide varieties and types to choose from for your home. Everybody knows about the benefits of carpet in terms of safety and insulating warmth during the cold winter months but there are more benefits than just those and depending on your home, there are…

Natural Stone Flooring

How Important the Stone Flooring Option is for Your Home

Stone flooring is an extremely versatile and durable option for many homes. Stone tiles can fit into both traditional and contemporary styled homes. Stone flooring has been used for thousands of years already in castles and ancient architecture. This helps bring a timeless beauty to your home that can not only be used in nearly…


A Quick Guide to Kitchen Flooring Options

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the entire house and when you consider how much time is spent in it and walking on the floors, it’s important you find the right flooring option. Surfaces that are easily stained and hard to clean obviously wouldn’t be the best fit in a room…


Impact of Environmental Pollution on Flooring & How To Deal with It

While laminate and vinyl flooring have fast become two of the most popular flooring methods available today, there are certain safety concerns that have come up on multiple occasions that may make owners think again before opting for laminate or vinyl when it comes to remodeling their flooring. Drawbacks of Formaldehyde Formaldehyde which is a…


How To Care for Home Flooring

Regardless of which surface you have in your home, keeping the floors clean is an important part of preventing stains and accelerated wear and tear. There are various ways to clean each surface so understanding which cleaning habits work best for your type of flooring will make deep cleaning easier when you do choose to…


How to Take Care of Kitchen Flooring

After spending so much money and time to finally get the kitchen of your dreams, you naturally want to make sure that you get the most you possibly can from it. This includes making sure you keep it well cleaned and maintained to get the maximum amount of time that you can out of your…