Effective Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors are one of the most highly sought-after flooring choices on the market today, and they have remained so for decades. The timeless quality of hardwood floors is ever-present, but timelessness doesn’t happen without proper care and maintenance. In order to make sure your beautiful hardwood floor stays in optimal condition for many years to come, they require a certain level of dedication. Preventive care is important when it comes to properly placing area rugs or doormats, and constant upkeep is critical for maintaining the value of the flooring. Hardwood is incredibly desirable in the housing market, and if you already have hardwood floors then your home could be worth significantly more than others in your area. But, if your hardwood isn’t in good condition, it might look like more of an eyesore instead of a perk for buyers. Hardwood needs specialized care and attention, as there are many ways you can damage the flooring through improper cleaning methods. So that your hardwood retains its charm and value, here are some effective cleaning tips for hardwood flooring:

Frequently vacuum or sweep

One of the best ways to prevent scratching and constant wear in your hardwood floor is to keep dirt, dust, and debris off of it as much as possible. Frequent vacuuming and sweeping can significantly reduce the rate at which flooring becomes worn out or damaged. Fine dirt and dust particles make their way into the small lines and cracks of the flooring, creating fine scratches and wear patterns. Keeping a handheld vacuum on-hand at all times can be extremely helpful.

Use dedicated cleaners

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects of hardwood care is to make sure you use the proper materials and products for cleaning. There are many store-bought products that are dedicated for hardwood maintenance, although there are many different types of hardwood flooring that require different cleaning methods. It’s important to consult with your flooring manufacturer for the most accurate advice for your specific type of flooring.

Hire a professional if needed

When it comes to hardwood, significant damage can occur if the wrong cleaning products or methods are used. If you aren’t sure how to best clean your hardwood, you may want to hire a professional cleaning company to give you a fresh start. After a professional cleans your flooring, you can start at square one with the proper cleaning methods. Be sure to ask the company if they have any more specific cleaning tips for optimal maintenance.

Prolonged moisture is your enemy

When cleaning your hardwood floors, you will need to use a liquid cleaning product; however, it is imperative that the flooring is dried quickly. Furthermore, if you live in especially moist areas, your hardwood could be in danger of water damage. It is important to keep your flooring protected from water damage by controlling the climate in your home as best as possible, and keeping the floors dry in especially susceptible areas.

Strategically place door-mats and area rugs

Door mats can be particularly helpful for keeping dirt, dust, and debris outside of the home, where they belong. But they can also help keep moisture at bay from shoes tracking through the home. You might consider asking guests to remove their shoes before entering, or you can strategically place area rugs in high-traffic areas to eliminate wear patterns. Entryways, areas near furniture, and anywhere with plumbing are good places to keep area rugs—not only will they reduce the impact of foot-traffic, but they will also absorb any potential water that may splash onto the hardwood flooring.

How We Can Help

Hardwood Floor Here at Hardwooderia, we have been providing flooring solutions for the residents in the areas of Simi Valley, Moorpark, and Chatsworth, CA, for nearly 25 years. We personally know the value of different types of hardwood, and we can help you find the right cleaning methods and product for your specific flooring. If you’d like more information about your flooring, recommendations for professional cleaning, or advice on how to properly maintain your floors, contact us directly. We are passionate about what we do; let us extend our knowledge and passion to help make your life easier!

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