Important Tips to Consider Before Covering Hardwood Floors With Rugs

House WIth Area Rug

Hardwood flooring is a commodity that many people tend to overlook. The many different patterns, styles, finishes, and wood materials add charm and depth to the look and feel of any home. If you are on a mission to decorate, you may want to find area rugs that enhance the aesthetic of your home, and compliment your hardwood flooring. The intention should not be to cover up your floor, but to accentuate the natural quality and beauty of the flooring itself by adorning it with area rugs that are placed with care. However, it is important to keep in mind that although we may be temped to go to the rug store and rack up a credit card bill, there are certain rugs that may not enhance, but damage our beautiful wood flooring—defeating the purpose of our decorative choices that were initially meant to honor our flooring and the design of our homes. It is best to do research beforehand to avoid irreparable damages. In fact, if you are strategic, then you can use rugs to your advantage when it comes to protecting your flooring. Here are some important tips to consider before you cover your hardwood flooring with rugs.

Think of certain areas

Firstly, you should consider what areas of your home would most benefit from an area rug. For instance, rooms such as the dining room and kitchen, where food might spill and stain your flooring, may benefit from an added area rug. Getting stains out of your wood flooring will prove to be a serious challenge, whereas a rug can be cleaned, if not replaced relatively easily. Areas of the home where there is higher foot-traffic, such as the front entryway, back entryway, or hallways could also benefit from area rugs—they will protect your hardwood from becoming worn out in those spots. Furthermore, it can keep dirt from being tracked through the house, scratching the entirety of your flooring by removing a substantial amount of dirt and debris from shoes.

Talk to a professional

Another thing to consider is that, depending on the material of the rug you choose, it may potentially cause damage on its own to hardwood flooring. Generally speaking, rugs that have rough undersides will most certainly scratch your flooring over time if the proper precautions are not taken. Luckily, you can easily find a rug pad that will keep the rug from sliding around on the floor causing damage. There is a wide variety of rug pads available on the market—you can talk to a professional who can point you in the right direction on what pad will work best for the particular rug you choose, and for the flooring you wish to protect. Furthermore, a sliding rug is one of the most annoying challenges when it comes to decorating; don’t fall victim to a migrating rug.

Area Rugs Installed over Hardwood Floor

Clean the floor

Lastly, before you go ahead with placing a rug anywhere near your wood floors, you will want to be sure that the flooring is properly cleaned. When you place a rug on top of a dirty floor, it will only enmesh the dirt and debris further into the wood, causing irreparable damage to the flooring; this can be an issue if you ever plan on selling your home, or moving the rug for that matter. First you will want to do the standard cleaning practice of sweeping and mopping. Next, you must attend to any damages that have already been sustained to the floors—there’s no time like the present. In order to fix scratches, you can have the entire floor sanded, buffed, and waxed, or you can purchase wood filler, generally made of wax, that will fill any cracks or scratches.

Tips to Consider Before Covering Hardwood Floors With Rugs


Purchasing area rugs that cover hardwood flooring isn’t as simple as many people think; clearly, to protect the integrity of the flooring and maintain its historical or aesthetic charm, thinking ahead is crucial. You will thank yourself in the end when you decide that you hate the rug you bought years ago, and expose a beautiful, pristine hardwood floor beneath it. In fact, you may wonder why you covered it up with that ugly rug in the first place!

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