Why Laminate Flooring Is Becoming the First Choice over Other Types

Laminate Flooring Options

Nothing is quite exciting as becoming a homeowner for the first time. A world of possibilities and ideas open up as you can finally start modifying your home however you’d like to help it fit your personal style and your vision.

One of the biggest endeavors a homeowner can choose to go on is replacing the flooring and for years; tile, hardwood and carpet were known as the three most popular options for homeowners but recently laminate has been emerging as home owner’s new first choice for flooring. While it’s easy to have a personal preference predetermined, it’s important to consider all of your options as well as the budget you will be working with on the project.

If you’re looking to remodel your flooring, here are just a few things to consider regarding the benefits of going with laminate flooring.

  • Installation – One of the biggest advantages of laminate flooring is that installing it is a piece of cake when compared to other types of flooring. Laminate features a tongue and groove click system that means you can literally put it together in a snap. Another feature that makes installation so easy: laminate doesn’t need to be glued or nailed down; it just floats so it can be placed over just about any type of already existing flooring with the exception of carpet. On average laminate flooring installation costs at least 50% less than installing hardwood giving you more money to use on other repairs and additions to your home. Because laminate is more conveniently packaged when compared to carpet, tile or wood, usually coming in 4-foot strips, it’s also much easier to maneuver and travel with as opposed to long pieces of wood or rolls of carpet.
  • Price – Being relatively new and technically being a composite of woods pressed together; laminate is a much less costly option to consider. With the ability of laminate to duplicate the appearance of hardwood flooring, it makes purchasing hardwood for at least double the cost of laminate a bit hard to do. The ease of assembly and installation combined with the fact that laminate is more mass produced and made up of largely synthetic and low cost materials gives you a lower price point and a much easier overall experience from purchasing to installation.
  • Flooring Constructions

  • Durability – Since laminate is essentially made by pressing wood, it’s extremely durable and resist to scratches, usual wear and tear and even moisture build up underneath, it’s also a much easier to clean surface as it’s not as absorbent as carpet is or as tough to get stains out of as actual hardwood. For families with pets and small children this is an important trait to consider as while it may not be as soft as carpet can be, it’s much easier to clean in the event of an accident.
  • Versatility – One of the best features of laminate flooring is its ability to look like just about any surface you’d like it to. It can simulate the look of a variety of hardwoods and thanks to the printing process it goes though, can be made to reproduce the look of stone or ceramic flooring at a fraction of the price of the real deal.
  • Pet Friendly – The scratch resistant surface of laminate makes it able to withstand much more wear from a pet’s nails. Whereas some surfaces could easily be scratched up and damaged, laminate’s durability makes it extremely convenient to homeowners with pets and will last longer than most other flooring options.

While they’re will always be owners with their own particular taste and preferences, more and more are choosing laminate for a variety of reasons. The durable yet less expensive laminate is very versatile and for the most part can reasonably fit the needs of most preferences and in some cases can be hard to differentiate from actual hardwoods and ceramics. It’s important you consider your preferences along with the style of your home before making such a big decision regarding the floors but if you’re looking to do a variety of home modifications with a particular budget in mind, the low cost and easy installation process of laminate make it one of the newest and best options you can choose.

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